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The retardedly too long RS article


I like how her photo gallery and the description of her, at 14, in crop tops, skinny jeans and high-heels highlights the areas of the article that make you forget that she's under 18.

"She doesn't take any of it lightly, especially since the message she got last spring: "I know where you live and I'm gonna kill your fucking cat." Soon afterward, her cat Sebastian disappeared."
Pretty sure she had her twitter last spring... pretty sure she didn't mention any of this.

Seated at a cafe near her current home outside Orlando — she prefers I don't reveal the precise location

Kiki had a hard time fitting in, especially with the Hispanic and black girls who dominated her classroom. "I was bullied constantly," Kiki recalls.
Well, with her recent homophobic tweets, I wonder why she wouldn't get along with other races.

They had complained to MySpace, which deleted harassers' profiles, but the kids simply created new ones and resumed their torment. [...]Cathy and Scott suggested to Kiki that it was time to leave MySpace, but Kiki protested: "If you take me off the Internet, the bullies will win."
Because Myspace is important, you guys! Can't just delete my own profile!!!

It gets better, and it really just seems like she did the article to clear her name from Daniel's story. That's okay we still have the police reports of your mom lying, Kiki.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But as the song reaches its climax, Kiki wiggles out of her panties and strips off her shirt, revealing a minidress that, too baggy for her flat chest, droops to expose one pink bra cup. Undeterred, Kiki dances the remaining minute of the song with her boob out.
She's still under 18 at this point.

We've always had a philosophy of letting the kids express their creativity, as long as they're not harming themselves," explains Scott softly. "There's always been supervision behind it. But we've been more permissive from a certain perspective." Cathy advised her daughter to take a "block and delete" strategy against unwanted commenters, banishing them from her chat room when they posted vulgar statements like "I want to put my cock in your mouth."
PARENTAL SUPPORT~*~*~*~ (of their underage daughter dancing around half naked on stickam)

Christopher Stone (born Watermeier) was a 28-year-old New Orleans native who earned degrees from Berkeley and NYU before settling in Los Angeles and launching Stickydrama.
This douche gets called out. They actually did research behind Chris to do the calling out, but forbid they do their research on Kiki, because ~poor internet girl~

Already mentally fried over her rape, Danny's death, everything — she began to fantasize about suicide.
The Ostrengas tried taking action. When Cathy reached out to Stickydrama's administrator and demanded the removal of the "MySpace Murder" item, the response infuriated her. "If she were my own child I would have taken that fucking computer and Sidekick away a long time ago," wrote the administrator, presumably Stone. "If you had your daughter's best interests at heart, you would put an end to the 'Kiki Kannibal' fame that is obviously so unhealthy at her age."

Another moment where Kiki could have stopped everything.

"I messed up as a parent. I did so much wrong," Cathy confesses through tears. Kiki wishes she could do so much over too. But there's one thing she refuses to change. Kiki remains a determined Internet denizen. She boasts a Twitter, a Tumblr, a Buzznet, a YouTube channel, two websites — one of which sells her jewelry and apparel — and an AIM screen name, which she gives out freely. [...] This is a girl with 12,000 Twitter followers whose actual life is empty of real relationships. She's trapped in suburban isolation; outside the bubble of her family, her most meaningful interactions are electronic. In real life, she's lost.
See, she knows everything can be stopped, she's CHOOSING not to, how does RS not see the problem here?

When I was younger, I was so naive," she says. "I didn't know people were doing things to themselves while they were watching me."
That's what parents are for.. oh, wait...
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